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Rakchham's Finest Hotel. Make Your Golden Memories.

OSIYA SHAMBHU LODGE in Rakchham village is unique and probably  the oldest hotel in Sangla Valley operating since 1999. Earlier known as Shambhu Lodge  it was operated and owned by the well- respected and renowned Raghu Dhan Bilantu family of  Rakchham Village. As ancient folklore puts it  The Raghu Dhan Bilantu family is supposed to be the first settlers of Rakchham Village. The hotel was run  by Shri Rajesh Kumar Negi since its inception in 1999. For a brief period of time it was closed down due to the sad demise of his father. However after the  renovation and rechristening as OSIYA SHAMBHU LODGE it is now ready to welcome its first guests of the season with full pomp and splendour. In spite of having undergone redevelopment and refurbishing, this heritage property still maintains its character, old world charm and is true to the spirit of the owner who called it HOME.

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Our Hotel

Our mountain hotel is neatly tucked in at the corner of the road overlooking the valley offering spectacular views and scenic beauty of the Baspa valley. We have thirteen well-appointed spacious  rooms so that the guests can enjoy the natural quiet environment in comfort and luxury.

OSIYA SHAMBHU LODGE is the perfect place to enjoy your holidays and weekends with friends or family as well as meetings , seminars, conferences and company incentives. We’re a family and couple friendly hotel perfect for babies ,toddlers and older children. Moreover it gives us great pleasure in announcing that we are pet friendly so there is no need to leave your four legged friends at home. 😊

Rakchham village is located in Sangla Tehsil of Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh, India. Rakchham village  is around 10 km from Chitkul and around 12 km from Sangla and is ideally located between the two. It would not be a hyperbole if Rakchham is called the Switzerland of the East. Rakchham is formed by joining the words rak, meaning a rock and chham, meaning a bridge. Literally put Rakchham means a rock bridge. 

We invite our esteemed guests to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and come to nature’s lap. Clean water , fresh air and a pristine environment which are rare amenities in today’s modern world are available in abundance.


We take care of your stay


Rajesh Kumar Negi is a true indigenous Kinnauri who has probably seen it all and done it all. This mountain man has had a humble beginning who worked his way up in life from being a tourist guide, to a door to door salesman travelling long distances selling handicrafts, to a Government Contractor, to a farmer and finally settling on running Shambhu Lodge with great success.

It would not be an exaggeration to call him an IRON MAN as in a serious accident that he met in 1995, an iron rod had to be inserted in his right hand which remains a part of him till date. He is one of the most honest, fun loving and a warm hospitable person that guests will ever meet.

Rajesh Kumar Negi

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