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 Rakchham's Finest Cottage Stays. Stories that last a lifetime.

The construction of this property had started in April 2018 and it has been almost four years of tedious hard work and labour that it stands fully completed in December 2021 and ready to welcome first guests. There are 11 cottages which are made up of river rocks and the roof is made of local tiles from Himachal Pradesh itself. Each cottage has a fire place for those harsh winter months to keep our guests warm and cosy. The cottages are spacious with a balcony and providing 360 degree view of the surroundings. The camp site is flanked by mountains on one side and the free flowing Baspa River on the other side. Time stands still here. Our campsite has been the venue of a number of Bollywood shoots also. There is also a provision for a spa here which will be a novelty of the area. In the near future we also have a plan to have an outdoor gym as we have more than sufficient area for expansion.


We take care of your stay


Rajesh Kumar Negi is a true indigenous Kinnauri who has probably seen it all and done it all. This mountain man has had a humble beginning who worked his way up in life from being a tourist guide, to a door to door salesman travelling long distances selling handicrafts, to a Government Contractor, to a farmer and finally settling on running Shambhu Lodge with great success.

It would not be an exaggeration to call him an IRON MAN as in a serious accident that he met in 1995, an iron rod had to be inserted in his right hand which remains a part of him till date. He is one of the most honest, fun loving and a warm hospitable person that guests will ever meet.

Rajesh Kumar Negi

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